Texas A&M Fans:
What You Need to Know about the SEC Network

The SEC Network means unprecedented coverage of the Aggies, available at your fingertips through your mobile device as well as through your television. With more than 1,000 live events airing the first year of the network, Texas A&M's commitment to the network makes the Aggies a large part of that.

Aggie fans will need the SEC Network to get the most complete TV and live streaming coverage of your teams on mobile devices and televisions.

Don't be left out. Don't wait. Call your cable or satellite provider today and demand the SEC Network.

Is it a TV Channel? Or a Website?

The new channel, which will be available on your television if your provider is an affiliate, will air SEC content 24/7--including 45 SEC football games, 100 men's basketball games, 60 women's basketball games, 75 baseball games, 50 softball games and additional events from the SEC's 21 annual sports. Programming will also include studio shows and original content.

The SEC Network will be available on computers, tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices like Xbox to fans who receive their video subscription through an affiliated provider. The aim is to make this content available to fans anytime, anywhere, similar to how the WatchESPN application works today.

All in all, more than 1,000 live events will be available in the first full year alone across the television network and its digital extensions.

You cannot pay to subscribe to the network separately. Your provider must pick up the channel, otherwise you miss out on everything.

How Much of My Aggies Can I Watch?

Texas A&M's first two football games will air exclusively on the SEC Network.

In addition, soccer and volleyball coverage will quintuple over last year's content--and your Aggies are a large part of that.

Do I Have Access?

Already on Board


I Don't Have Access. How Can I Get It?

Use the following list* to contact your provider. When you call ask to speak to a retention specialist and demand they carry the SEC Network.

Provider Phone Number Twitter
DirecTV 800-DIRECTV @DirecTV
SuddenLink 877-794-2724 @Suddenlink
Verizon FIOS 800-VERIZON @VerizonFios
Charter 877-906-9121 @CharterCom

* not a complete list of providers.
Contact yours today for more info.

Or, switch to one of the providers below* who is already on board:

Provider Phone Number  
AT&T U-verse 800-288-2020 More Info
Dish 800-333-DISH More Info
Time Warner Cable 800-TWCABLE @TWC
Comcast 800-COMCAST More Info
COX 866-961-0027 More Info
Google Fiber 866-777-7550 More Info

* not a complete list of providers.
Contact yours today for more info.