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Exploring Your Options

Lewis and Clark...and you!

Lewis and Clark overcame all types of adversity to explore the Wild West. While you probably won't have to sleep outdoors or hunt your own food, the mapping of your own private career frontier can be a complicated process. Fortunately, college is the perfect place to start your trip - where else would you find a mix of classes, advisers, and counselors ready to help you on your way? And of course there's Athletic Career Services.

The more you explore, the better your information will be. There are many ways to explore your career frontier. The following links will get you started.

Course Offerings

Your A&M Course Catalog provides an invaluable resource--course descriptions. "MGMT 622" turns into "Organizational Staffing" a topic you might never have considered for study, but which may suddenly sound pretty alluring. You should find classes of all sorts that capture your interests, whose tasks and concepts challenge and excite you. Don't waste elective credits on an "easy A." Instead, invest time and energy in expanding your horizons.

Academic Advising

At the Major Decisions Symposium for the major you are considering, you can find specific information, course information, and guidance.

Career Options

At some point, you'll need to see what sort of future is associated with the major you're considering. Some majors are more diverse than others and other fields that may seem at first to lock you into a certain profession may have more to offer than you think. The key is to keep an open mind an explore all your options. You can use the Who hires this major to get started.

Information Interviews

You should contact people studying the major or doing the jobs that spark your interest. An "information interview" lets you talk to people in your chosen major or career field. What are the downsides to this job or major? What are the unforeseen advantages to having a job in this field/with this company? Is the day-to-day reality covered in the job description? You can find the answers to important questions like these through information interviews.

Career Workshops

Finding all the information you need can be overwhelming. Athletic Career Services and The TAMU Career Center has a wide variety of services to help you sift through the information. You may want to start with Career Counseling, Career Assessments, or the Choosing A Major Workshop Series offered each fall.