The Texas A&M Equestrian Team is always looking for quality donations for our program!

We just moved into our new home at the Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 equine complex. The equine complex is equipped with 54  14’X14’ rubber matted stalls, 16 grooming stalls, 8 wash racks, and 2 covered walkers.

The new facility has been a great addition to our program and team, and has helped us to provide a wonderful home for our hard-working horses. We have a herd of about 25 hunter seat horses and 25 western horses. Many of our western horses have had very successful show careers and consist mainly of Quarter Horses and Paints. Our hunter seat horses consist of "A" show quality Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods. We have recently added daily turnouts for those horses that are happier living in a stall. We do have quite a few horses that are happier ponies if they are allowed to live out in a pasture all of the time. 

We currently have 10 pastures with shelter in which these horses live.

We are looking for western horses that have training and showing experience in horsemanship or reining and that have the temperament to tolerate various styles of talented riders.
We are looking for Hunt Seat horses that have been shown successfully in 3ft. and up hunter, equitation, and/or jumper divisions.  Since our classes are judged on equitation, we are looking for horses that are quiet enough to be used in equitation classes.  We are also looking for horses that are able to do upper-level flat work including maneuvers such as shoulder-in, haunches-in, counter canter, collections and lengthening in a dressage arena.

This is a great option for owners that could use a tax deduction.  The paperwork will go through the University system and donors will receive confirmation from Texas A&M (as a State Agency) that a donation has been made.  The value of the donation is determined by your and/or your appraiser.

If you are interested in donating your show horse to our program: We will need the following:

  1. A brief letter of intent to the Texas A&M Equestrian Team (mainly stating that you wish to donate your horse – include registered name and number)
  2. A copy of an appraisal you acquire for your horse.  (an appraisal must be done by an equine professional, which does include horse trainers)
  3. The IRS 8283 form signed by the donor AND the appraiser
  4. A copy of all recent vaccinations (including strangles)
  5. A copy of current coggins
  6. Any vet records that might be needed by our vets here at Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital

We currently require a 30-day trial for all possible donations.  This is to make sure that your horse will work for our program and that your horse will be comfortable and happy having multiple riders (all very advanced and talented riders).  We also want to make sure that your horse will work for our program so that we can help to secure your donation for the IRS required 3 year period.  During this time, we will keep your horse in an individual stall as well as provide you with a signed Loan of Animal agreement between you and Texas A&M Equestrian team which is similar to a Lease agreement

If you feel that your horse would be a great asset for our team and are interested in speaking with someone for further information, please contact us at any time.

Hunter Seat horses: Caroline Cramer 979-458-2975
Reining horses: Tana McKay 979-845-1094
Horsemanship horses: Jessie Highfill Weisinger 979-845-1991