The intent of the CSAS Tutor Program is to supplement sound educational practices (i.e. class attendance, note taking, reviewing and preparing for quizzes and exams) that are imperative for the academic success of student-athletes.  Tutorial and review sessions are NOT a replacement for class, but rather a supplement to the experience.  CSAS Tutors can be utilized in three ways:  individual tutoring, subject labs, and weekly review sessions.

Individual:  “One-on-One”

The Tutor Coordinator hires tutors per request for specific courses.  Tutors may be utilized by scheduling an appointment.  Sessions generally run from one to two hours, but times per week are determined by the student, tutor, and Athletic Academic Supervisor. 

Subject Labs

During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Academic Center provides five subject labs, these include Writing, Math, Science, Business, and Agriculture.  Labs are open Sunday-Thursday from 6-10 p.m.   The Tutor Coordinator schedules tutors specializing in these subjects to work in each lab every semester.  Student-athletes may drop in for tutoring in these specific subjects while labs are open.  There may be one or two tutors available for walk in help.  A sign in sheet is required for each lab in order to record student-athlete attendance.

Group: “Review Sessions”

The third way a tutor can be utilized is through a review session. Review sessions are scheduled by the Tutor Coordinator and are held weekly.  These courses generally have five or more student-athletes enrolled who need supplementary instruction outside the classroom. The main purpose of these review sessions is to prepare student-athletes to do well on examinations.