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Teammate of the Month: Leo Goertz

March 12, 2014
Courtesy: Texas A&M Athletics
(photo: Texas A&M Athletics)

Each month, Texas A&M Athletics recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the department.

February's Teammate of the Month is Athletic Fields Manager Leo Goertz.

A native of New Braunfels, Goertz graduated from A&M in '82 and has been with the department for nearly 30 years. He oversees all aspects of field maintenance of the athletic department's facilities, including the removal and replacement of Kyle Field as part of the $450 million renovation project.

In February, Leo and his staff--Craig Potts, Jordan Vasquez, Nickolas McKenna, and Jaxon Bailey--were named recipients of the prestigious Texas A&M President's Meritorious Service Award.

What did it mean to be honored as Teammate of the Month?
"It meant a lot to me in a sense that I don’t look for rewards. I enjoy my work. To be recognized is not something I do. The fact that someone felt compelled to nominate me for the award is a tremendous honor."

How special was it for you and your crew to receive the President’s Meritorious Service Award?
"That was very unique. I found out we were nominated by a former student and alumni. That was quite interesting to find out. I’m credited with so much of what goes on around here, but in reality my crew does all the work. It’s quite an honor and a thrill for them to receive that honor."

What’s it meant to you to be a part of the athletic department and see how it has grown?
"It’s been a unique situation. Obviously when I came here in ’78 my intentions were to come in here and leave to pursue a career in the professional side of baseball as a clubhouse guy or something like that. Fortunately for me, Mr. Olsen was alive at the time and I developed a very close relationship with him. He afforded me the opportunity to stay here after graduation. When I look back on it now, that was a very significant decision to stay here on my part. I would’ve never done the things I’ve done or meet the people I’ve met without staying here."

How excited are you to be a part of the Kyle Field project?
"We’re a small piece in the puzzle, but we are the last piece in the puzzle. We will be very instrumental because if we don’t get our piece right, the project will be considered incomplete. Kyle Field is what the stadium is being built for. It’s important that we build it right and to the standards everyone has set for it."

What’s your favorite memory from an Aggie Baseball game?
"I’d have to say the Texas series (in 1989), when John Byington hit three home runs in three days. No one talks about the first one he hit on Friday because we didn’t win the game, but seeing him hit those two to end the game on Saturday was quite an experience. That’s one of the many memories I have, but definitely the most memorable."

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