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Remembering "Joey V"

October 02, 2013
Courtesy: Texas A&M Athletics
(photo: Texas A&M Athletics)


the late Joseph Villavisencio's Aggie Ring enshrined
in the Association of Former Students' Memorial Collection

On Sunday, September 29, the Association of Former Students honored the late Joseph Villavisencio, an Aggie offensive lineman who lost his life in December 2011.

His Aggie Ring was donated to the Assocation’s Memorial Collection for the Class of 2012, and it’s the first of an Aggie football player to enter the collection.

Family, friends, members of the football team and CARPOOL gathered to remember Joseph as an ideal representative of the Aggie Spirit. Remarks were offered by his sister, Mikaela, and their friend, Kyle Taylor, both Class of ‘14.

“Joseph wasn’t afraid to be himself. This large, 6-4 man had a love for musicals and scented body soaps,” Mikaela told a laughing crowd. “And the reason why he looked forward to going home was so he could play with cats. He never apologized for going against the norm and was comfortable in his own skin.”

“Joseph contained a large amount of emotional poise,” Kyle said. “He was a very logical person who always thought things through rather than just diving into them.”

Joseph helped others not only on the football field but off it, participating in student organizations such as CARPOOL and Reed Arena Clean-Up.

With some of his teammates present, the ring was placed in the case by Joseph’s parents and sister.

He will be remembered by his Aggie Ring, but also because he was a young man who exemplified leadership and selflessness.

The day was a celebration of an Aggie who represented the University’s core values. And Joseph will always be a part of the Aggie family.

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