April 26, 2011

Photo Gallery

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The National Champion Texas A&M women’s basketball team was recognized at the state capitol on Tuesday afternoon.

The Aggies were honored by Senator Steve Ogden and several other senators on the Senate floor, then proceeded to the Governor’s Reception Room where Governor Rick Perry visited with and congratulated the team and took photos.

“It was fun being there and having everyone say such nice things about us,” commented junior guard Skylar Collins. “It was a cool experience because when we walked in the Senate was actually going through exactly what it does every day and I never knew what it was like until we visited today.”

Junior forward Kelsey Assarian said meeting the governor was her favorite part of the visit.

“We were expecting him to be really formal, but when we got to the Governor’s Reception Room, we just hung out,” she remarked. “He told us some entertaining stories about A&M and it was really interesting and fun to see him in that light.”

Junior forward Adaora Elonu added, “I wasn’t expecting Governor Perry to be so laid back and he knew everything about A&M. It was very, very nice to get to speak with him.”

The team finally headed to the House floor where several Aggie representatives, including Representative Fred Brown, and even non-Aggie representatives were eager to meet and congratulate the team.

“It was good for our players to get to come here and see how the state House and the Senate work and be able to meet the Governor in a more relaxed situation and let him talk about how proud he was for this team, for not only representing Texas A&M, but the whole state of Texas,” A&M head coach Gary Blair said. “It was good that our players also got to meet a lot of senators and representatives from their areas. Skylar had her Cedar Hill group and I had my Dallas group. It was just good to see everyone come together on something important like this. It wasn’t about being republican or democrat today, it was about A&M’s national championship.”