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Summer Series - Q&A with Acie Law

June 07, 2013
Courtesy: Texas A&M Athletics
(photo: Texas A&M Athletics)

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Acie Law IV (2003-07) is the only player in the history of Aggie basketball to have his jersey hanging from the rafters at Reed Arena, and rightfully so. A native of Dallas, Law became the program's first ever consensus First-Team All-American as a senior after leading A&M to three straight postseason appearances and the NCAA Sweet Sixteen for the first time in almost 30 years. Law was a lottery pick of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks and played four seasons in the league with several different squads. Just recently, he led his Euroleague team--Olympiacos Piraeus (Greece)--to the European championship.

How is it living in Greece? What was the most difficult transition?

It's good. I live in a wonderful house with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The hardest adjustment has been for my wife and children, just trying to figure out the daily routines, how to get places, etc. But the weather is always nice here...the living conditions are actually pretty good!

We saw you carrying your son on the court after the win
"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your goals. I'm a living testament to that."

Yes that was an important moment for me. My son was born at the time of the championship game last year in Istanbul so my wife and kids were not there. This year my mom and dad, wife and kids were all at the game. It was important for me to share that experience with all of them especially my children.

What was your favorite basketball memory at A&M?

Those were probably the best years of my life and not necessarily because of my success on the court but because of the relationships I built with my teammates and the coaching staff. The entire experience and what we went through was unbelievable. But of course, the Texas shot was a big deal. With the Aggie/Longhorn rivalry, them being one of the top ranked teams in the nation and for me to make that shot was special. But my entire 4 years at A&M were special because of how folks treated me. The relationships with teammates, coaches and the community made that the best time of my life.

I've even spoken to my wife about this but I really feel a strong desire to come back to A&M, get more involved with the program and give back to the community that was so good to me. I haven't had the opportunity to get back often due to my schedule but when I can, I will be there, hopefully soon.

Who was your role model growing up?

My parents, definitely. I had a great lifestyle growing up. My mom taught us early on that you should always believe. For many years my dad had a drug problem and to see him hit rock bottom, fight through that and be where he is now is inspirational. I'm so glad he is there to support me and enjoy all of my success in life today. He's been clean for 14 years and I look at that as one of the greatest achievements for him and my family. For me, it's greater than any championship accomplishment. Both of my parents have always and will always be my inspiration.

What athlete did you look up to?

Ray Allen was always my favorite player, he had game. I followed everything he did for years and as I got older, even though our games aren't alike at all, I wanted to be play at his level.

What made you chose A&M?

Coach Watkins and Coach Hill were the first coaches to show an interest by visiting me. I was receiving letters from schools but they took a personal interest in me and never let up. Then I came to A&M for my official visit the weekend of the Virginia Tech football game and the atmosphere was like nothing I had ever seen. It was almost overwhelming. Both schools had so much tradition and game day was amazing. You see everyone out tailgating and the restaurants full and so many Aggies supporting the team I hoped the same support would be there for basketball. I wanted to play for a school with that kind of connection. Every person I met that weekend embraced me. It felt like the entire community wanted me there.

Once I got to A&M and we started having success, the community rallied for us. Playing in Reed Arena was special. We were selling out almost every game, the crowds were loud; it truly was the greatest time of my life as a basketball player. Everyone was very supportive of me; that included my teachers, fans, community members, even folks who didn't go to A&M went out of their way to make me feel special. And that made me want to play harder for all of them. Not just me, it was our whole team. We wanted to succeed not only for ourselves but for everyone supporting us along the way.

What bit of advice would you offer a young athlete?

I know this sounds cliché but don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your goals. I'm a living testament to that. I wasn't a top recruit coming out of high school, I played on a team that went 0-16 my freshman year of high school yet I still played at a D1 school, had success, was able to become a lottery pick in the NBA and am having great success now in my career. I'm in a position to be able to take care of my parents and my family and that's true success. Believe in yourself, have faith and pray...anything is possible.

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