Size: 15,000 sq. ft.

Features: Hospital grade x-ray facility | On-site pharmacy allows for immediate treatment of illness | Orthopedic surgeon and primary care physician present during and after practice | 16 treatment tables and latest therapy modalities | 4 fulltime athletic trainers and nine student athletic trainers

Rehab Center Features: $250,000 Hydroworx 2000 Hydrotherapy pool | Underwater treadmill with speeds reaching 8.5 m.p.h. | Underwater cameras and viewing monitors | Adjustable floor and variable water depth | Over 2000 sq ft., fully equipped facility designed for rehabilitation only, including the most up to date technology | Staffed by 1 physical therapist (3 times a week) and 1 athletic trainer (daily) whose main responsibility is rehabilitation of the athletes

Located just a few feet away from the dressing room is the athletic training room, meeting rooms and coaches dressing rooms.

The athletic training room is one of the largest and best equipped that today's student-athletes will find. With 15,000 square feet of space, the new athletic training room is more than four times larger than the previous facility on the west side of Kyle Field.

There are separate areas for treatment, taping and rehabilitation. Student-athletes will also find other features in-house like two doctor's offices, a conference room, full x-ray system with a processing room, and two walk-in whirlpools.

The spacious athletic training room and large staff, led by Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Therapy Karl Kapchinski, allows the student-athletes quick assistance in their preventative care and in their rehabilitation efforts.

All of the latest treatment modalities are on hand as well as a staff of team physicians who are always on call and attend a great deal of the practices, as well as the games.

The men's athletic training staff is comprised of four licensed athletic trainers whose offices are located in the training room allowing easier access by the student-athletes.

Also located in the Bright Football Complex is a rehabilitation center where student-athletes can obtain top care using some of the newest technology and techniques available, including a Hydroworx 2000 Aquatic Rehab pool, to help them get back to the playing field quicker. Danny Kniffin, who is also a licensed athletic trainer, serves as the rehabilitation coordinator for the Aggies.