Completed: Spring 2004 | Cost: $700,000

The new 10,500-square foot indoor batting and pitching facility, completed in the spring of 2004, is located down the left-field line of Olsen Field just off the playing field.

The single-story building is modeled after the new facilities on West Campus and contains three batting cages, a stretching area and a bullpen area that will be utilized by both the baseball and softball teams.

The $700,000 project, which also includes a decorative wrought-iron fence on the west side of the stadium and a concrete retaining wall down the left-field line (similar to that on the right-field line), was made possible in part through the 12th Man Foundation's Championship Vision Capital Campaign.

While the north face of the building will be bricked over, the other three walls will contain garage-door style openings that would allow for ventilation and natural lighting on hot summer days or pleasant afternoons. In addition, the facility will be fully lit allowing for its use at any hour of the day or night.