"This is a devastating loss for our team. They worked real hard. We made some mistakes, turned the ball over four times and they got 17 points off turnovers. We had penalties in the second half that put us in some precarious situations. I take nothing away from Texas, they played well, but it's a game we should have won and we didn't. My hat's off to Texas, they deserved to win. They made plays when they had to make them. We came up on the short end. I feel bad for the kids, they're devastated. It's a pretty tough locker room right now."

6-6 is a disappointing season, what has to change?

"Well I think if you look at the games, we definitely have turned the ball over too many times. You are not going to beat anyone with that amount of turnovers, certainly not a good football team. We have to make the plays we have to make."

On Ben Malena's effort...

"I thought Malena did a heck of a job. We didn't lose this game because of Ben Malena. He gave us everything he had and played very well. (He was) very physical, and I thought he did a very good job. I think he gave us opportunities and I thought he played very well."

Where do you feel like this game got away?

"I think it's pretty evident. When you turn the ball over and have the pens we had in the third quarter, it's staring everyone right in the face that's where the game got away. 17 points off turnovers."

On Tannehill's night...

"He was ready to play. He was excited about playing. He had a great pregame, he made some good throws and missed some throws. That's part of being a quarterback."

Have you ever experienced a season like this?

"I've never experienced a season like this and I don't plan on experiencing a season like it again. This was a very difficult season to swallow. We have good kids, they work hard, but for whatever reason the ball bounced funny for us sometimes, and we didn't make the play when we need to make it to win the games we didn't. I felt very disappointed for (the team), they were ready to play the game. I thought they came out and played extremely hard. Texas is a good team, probably the best defense we've played this year. We knew there would be some struggles along the way, which there were. If we could have avoided the turnovers we might have had a different outcome. But we didn't do that."


How tough was this loss?

"Real tough. Probably the hardest loss I've had since I've been here. I learned a lot this year, grew up a lot and am looking forward to moving on and going to this bowl game and winning that."

What made this one of the toughest losses?

"Many things...senior year, senior night, last time we play Texas, lot of things that go into play. But it's over with now and all we can do is look forward. I guess you can look back on the year and grow and learn from it and get ready to win this bowl game."

Take us through the go-ahead touchdown...

"It was a crossing route, 12 to 14 yards, and we'd been hitting it pretty well in practice. I came off the line, caught it at about 12 yards and just wanted to get in the zone and luckily I got the opportunity to do that."

What have you learned this year about yourself and your brothers in the locker room?

"I learned a lot. Last year we went on a 6-game win streak and it was easy to stay together and stay joined through that. This year we fought through a lot of adversity and we had a lot of tough losses and a lot of missed opportunities. You really can't make excuses, you just have to keep on coming to work every Monday and that's what we did."


How tough is this last game at Kyle..."This might be one of the most painful losses I've ever had here at A&M. It hurts. It hurts for myself, for the guys, for the entire team. We worked really hard but didn't capitalize on opportunities. It's by far the most painful loss since I've been here. "

What's it like in that locker room right now..."It sounds like it does in here right now. No one saying anything, guys upset, tears rolling off peoples' eyes. We had a tough season and didn't achieve what we wanted to, it's offsetting."

Have you ever been involved in a season like this..."No, I've never been through a season like this before. It's one thing to know you're an average football team and end up average. We had the same record two years ago, but we weren't as talented as we are now then. It's depressing. Words can't speak how hard this hurts."

How was the intensity out there during the game..."The intensity was hard, you can see with all the personal fouls. It's always going to be like that with Texas and Texas A&M. The intensity never really let down."

Can you talk about how it feels for the rivalry to end this way and know you can't play Texas next year..."That's a better question for the juniors. This is my last year, I wish I had another year to come back and play, but it's not going to happen. It may be one of those things we're going to have to live for a while until Texas and Texas A&M play again." 

On the last drive coming to a defensive stand..."It's what we wanted. We wanted it to come down to a defensive stand and if I could do it again, I'd want it to happen the same way it did."


On getting his first start, but losing the game...Nothing matters at the end if you don't get the team win. We came in with a great game plan, but give credit to Texas, they have a great defense and

On getting his first start against Texas...It's a honor for my first start to be in this tradition game. At the end of the game, we played well as an offense, but it doesn't matter if Texas A&M doesn't get a win.

On performing well against the Texas defense...It gives me a lot of confidence. For someone to get a start against a great defense like that, they're the No. 1 defense in the Big 12. It's a great starting point for me.


How does it feel to get this loss..."It's tough. It's real tough. We wanted to go out and win that game, not only for the seniors, but for the younger guys. So they can end up on top and have that going into the next season."

What was Coach Sherman's message after this loss..."That even through adverse situations, it's times like this you feel you're at the bottom of the bottom, you have to lean on your brothers for support. He said maybe guys are showing us that we need our brothers more than anything and we can lean on them. That this brings us closer as brothers."


Talk about how this year didn't go the way you guys wanted it..."Don't know. Can't put my finger on it. We've been asking that question all year. It's a combination of things. I didn't play well."

Talk about the struggles you had out there tonight..."They did a great job all night mixing up their pressures and beating blocks to get pressure on me. We knew they had a talented front coming in and they played well."

On missing opportunities during the game..."Tough. We had several opportunities to make plays. I missed a couple throws, we had a couple drops, it goes all the way around. It makes it that much tougher when you miss opportunities."

On the atmosphere of the game..."It was a great atmosphere, Kyle Field was everything that it is, 12th Man was rocking all game. You couldn't ask for a better atmosphere, but it's tough when your team doesn't come out with a win."