Texas A&M Football

Support Personnel

J.P. Bramhall     MD
Director of Sports Medicine/
Team Orthopedic Surgeon
Jennifer Bunner
Lead Office Assistant
Alan Cannon
Associate A.D./Media Relations
Dan Childs
Scholastic Supervisor
John de Mailly
Athletic Trainer
James Distefano     DO
Team Physician
James Duncan
Video Coordinator
Janet Elkins
Lead Office Assistant/Defense
Jae Fadde
Assistant Video Coordinator
Kory Gill     DO
Team Physician
Bryan Gossett
Assistant Equipment Manager
Diana Harbourt
Asst. Director of Performance Nutrition
Will Johnson
Host, Aggie Football Show
Matt Kee
Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer
Troy Kema
Senior Scholastic Supervisor
Buddy Kimberlin
Video Production Manager
Michael Lagrasta
Recruiting Assistant
Nancy Maly
Assistant to the Head Coach
Brad Marquardt
Associate Media Relations Director
Brandon Moreau
Assistant Equipment Manager
Jesse Parr     MD
Team Physician
Adam Quisenberry
Assistant Media Relations Director
Andy Richardson
Director, 12th Man Productions
Dustin Shippey
Assistant Video Coordinator
Richard Smith     MD
Team Physician
Jonathan Tanguay
Director of Performance Nutrition
Matt Watson
Equipment Manager
David Weir
Head Football Athletic Trainer