April 21, 2011

The Aggies got their first look at the Club at Old Hawthorne on Thursday. What were your first impressions of the course?
TKM:  "The course is beautiful, very lush and the greens are rolling really well. I feel like it's a shot-makers course where you sometimes have to create shots from some of the lies."
You guys are the defending champions. Your roster is changed but the goal is the same. Tell me about the challenge of defending your 2010 title. Will the teams be gunning for you guys?
TKM: "Defending to me is not really a concept I know. The word defending comes from 'defense'. In golf, if you are playing defensively, you are playing scared. We want to go out and attack!   This is a new year with a new team."
You have two veterans from last year's Championship squad and three newcomers in the lineup. How is the chemistry between the "grizzled veterans" and the "newbies"?
TKM: "Our team chemistry right now is amazing. Watching the girls play the practice round today, I caught myself smiling a lot inside and out. I just know that these five girls are a pretty special group. The newbies don't seem intimidated at all. The veterans are just going about it the same as they always do."
Your two returnees were both in the top 10 last year, how important will their leadership and experience be this weekend?
TKM:  "That is obviously going to play a key part in all of this. I don't really worry about the two Sarahs at all."
How about using this lineup for the first time this season? That's kind of amazing in itself...
TKM: Remember 2009? JT's (Higgins) team had a different lineup all spring and look what that got them."
Will weather play a role?
TKM: "Weather is always a factor in golf; however, for us, we are the strongest we have ever been when it comes to adverse weather conditions. We'll be just fine."
Who's the favorite? Iowa State is ranked No. 15, Texas is No. 20, the Aggies are No. 27, Oklahoma is No. 28 and Colorado is No. 31 .... It's a wide open field, I'm guessing?
TKM: "You really asked me that question?"
How has your schedule prepared your team for this? You guys saw most of the top 20 teams twice or more...
TKM: "Just perfectly!  We saw the teams we needed to see. But honestly in golf it doesn't matter because we are only playing the course and controlling our game."