April 20, 2011

The Aggies travel to Columbia, Missouri this week for the 2011 Big 12 Championships. You guys are the defending champions…Tell us about the challenge of defending your 2010 conference crown.
SBD:  Well we obviously want to win again this year and it is more than possible with the talent on our team.  It is just a matter of all of us sticking to our game and believing in ourselves.  It would mean a lot to each player if we were to win back to back titles.  I can tell that the younger faces on the team want it just as much as Z (fellow Big 12 Championship veternan) Ashley Freeman and Julia Boland and junior Sarah Zwartynski. Now you’re one of the most experienced players on the team. How does that change the way you approach the championship portion of the 2010-11 schedule?
SBD: I feel less nervous because I have been there and experienced the desire to win on that level. But I act like Big 12s is just another tournament and I don’t put any more pressure on myself.  I act like it is just another day on the course.  
When Sarah Z made the clinching putt at Big 12s last year, where were you and what was going through your head?
SBD: The rest of the team and I were behind the right side of the green and Z was putting on the back left portion of the green.  We were all nervously awaiting her putt. I just kept thinking to myself "she's got this, she's got this" and sure enough the '10 foot queen' made it!  
Sarah Z hit the putt, but your three-under 69 in the final round at Big 12s was huge to the Aggies’ win last year. What was your mindset as you progressed through that round? What do you remember most in regard to your round of golf?
SBD: Coach (McCombs) walked with me for the entire round.  I remember it was windier that day than it had been the previous two days.  Coach helped me take one shot at a time and stay patient especially around the greens.  I remember being thankful that she was there to ease off the nerves.  In the end I knew it had been a good day mentally because I didn't even know how many under I was until I added up my score.
What do you know about The Club at Old Hawthorne? I don’t think any of y’all have played it before. What do you hear about it?
SBD: I do not know much other than what is online.  I know that they have bent greens and zoysia fairways which are two of my favorites! Alexa Porter has played it before and told us that it is a beautiful course and has a nice set up.  
Tell us about the team dynamic this year. Last year there was a strong senior influence. This year there are lots of new faces…
SBD: This year has been much different for me because there are no juniors and even just as a sophomore I am one of the older people on the team.  Since there are so many new faces, we have been getting to get to know each other by picking our favorite hobby to teach the rest of our team members. We call this "walking in her shoes." Our overall team dynamic is great, and we all work on coaching each other in a way that we would want to be coached.
Something that the general public doesn’t see is the battle between the Maroon and White teams during the week. What team are you on and what message do you have for your opposition?
SBD: I'm on the maroon team.  This week we shut out the white team in match play 5-0 and won a tie breaker in the short game matches.  The white team keeps saying they want a re-match.  I'm not really sure why but all I have to say is 'bring it!'
What the heck is with the 'putting at the string drill?' Where do you think the coaches come up with this stuff? Does it have a name?
SBD: To my knowledge it was Wendi's idea and this drill is just her way of making practice fun and unusual.  She likes using drills like these to help us create a purpose and goal for each practice.  I think that is the name we have for it, or at least that's what I call it.  
Favorite golf movie and your favorite golf movie quote?
SBD: From The Greatest Game Ever Played: "Read it, Roll it, Hole it"
Favorite non-golf Aggie athlete to watch and why?
SBD: Danielle Adams because I look up to the way she brushes off her opponents and makes everything look so easy.
Which of your teammates would be able to succeed in another sport?
SBD: Natalie Reeves as soccer or Alexa Porter at trap shooting.
If there was Aggie Golf Survivor, who would outwit, outlast and outplay?
SBD: Aly Smith, she's our sneaky secret weapon. :)
Favorite College Station pasttime? (don’t say golf!)
SBD: Going to the pool and relaxing
Describe Coach McCombs in one word?
SBD: Determined