May 2, 2011

Conversation with Aggie head coach Trelle McCombs talks about the NCAA Women's Golf Championships, and other subjects far and wide...

What’s the most exciting part of hosting the NCAA Women’s Golf Championships?
TM:  The thought of having your team playing on their home turf
There has been a lot of local interest in the NCAA Championships. What can people do to get involved?
TM: The best thing to do is volunteer. We have some spots that need to be filled that will allow folks to get very close to the players. If you can't volunteer, just come out and watch the future stars of the LPGA.
Why will the Traditions Club make for a good challenge for the top women’s teams at the NCAA Championships?
TM: Well, I think at NCAA Fall Preview, which is the tournament we hosted for teams to get a look at the golf course, Traditions Club played much different than it will this spring. The spring wind in Texas can be brutal and certainly make it challenging for those teams coming in to play.

What is the most challenging hole at Traditions and why?
TM: Hmm, I would have to say number 7. It will play as hole number 9 in the tournament because we are re-routing the front nine. I think my players would say the same. When we get a strong wind in our face it plays so long.
How would you approach the most challenging hole…or is that a trade secret??
TM:  It's classified, I could tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya!  Haha!
When the NCAA teams leave College Station, what do you want them to remember about Aggieland?
TM:  That they put on a great championship and the people were so friendly. I don't think we will have to worry about either of those.
Sarah Zwartynski’s career at A&M is wrapping up. Can you sum up her impact on the Aggie golf program?
TM: Consistently solid under pressure.
Who’s the best college player you ever played against? Did you beat her?
TM: Wow, you're trying to age me. I have to pull things out of the vault for this one. I would say Reilly Rankin, played at Georgia (currently in her eighth year on the LPGA Tour). I didn't actually play with her; we weren't paired together, but I was warming up next to her and we'll just say that the driving range wasn't long enough for her. She was carrying driver over the end of the range. So no, I didn't beat her.

You were quite the accomplished collegiate player back in the day. What were your strengths? Big hitter? Great putter?
TM: Haha, I look back on my career and see just how much better I could have been if I could have been the coach I am now to myself back then. My strengths? I could hit the long ball (sometimes not knowing where it was going). I grew up playing softball and was known to back the outfield up a time or two. I would hardly call myself a great putter.......hahaha, yeah I wish my college coach could see this question, he would be cracking up right now.
How fun is it to watch Aggies on the national stage like Von Miller in the NFL Draft and Gary Blair’s basketball team?
TM:  It is so inspiring. I got home just in time to hear Von's name get called. I was tearing up with him. I know he, along with all the other guys on that team, have worked so hard for that moment. I couldn't be happier for him and the Aggie Football program.
So you’re an Atlanta Braves fan… Dale Murphy or Chipper Jones or Hank Aaron?
TM:  Wow, what a great question as I am sitting here watching the Braves play the Cards. Dale was the man growing up. For some reason he reminded me of my dad. When I was 14, Chipper was playing in "A" ball in my hometown of Macon, Ga. A friend of mine and I went to the baseball game one night and were hanging out by the fence and Chipper came over to sign autographs. I didn't have anything for him to sign, so like any 14 year old would do, I held up my hand and said "sign this." Not one of my finer decisions considering he is a future Hall of Famer. To me, Hank Aaron was the guy whose jersey hung out in the outfield. (Editor's note: McCombs says her actual all-time fave Brave "hands down" is John Smoltz)
Who’s your favorite musician from your hometown of Macon, Ga.? Allman Brothers? Little Richard? Otis Redding?
TM: That's sooooooo easy!  Otis Redding all day long. One of the first songs (husband) John and I danced to was "That's How Strong My Love Is."

What do you miss about Macon that you just can’t find in College Station?
TM:  Where to begin? Should I start with the Nu-Way Hot Dogs or the Fincher's BBQ that have both been in space?  Or the beautiful Yoshino cherry trees blooming every March?  Washington D.C. just thinks they have the only Cherry Blossom Festival in the country. But seriously, I would have to say "my Mama's cooking." If it didn't taste right just "add a little dab of butter, it makes everything taste better."