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Texas A&M Basketball Weekly Press Conference

December 03, 2013
Courtesy: Texas A&M Athletics
(photo: Texas A&M Athletics)

COLLEGE STATION - Coach Kennedy, Antwan Space and Jordan Green met with the media on Tuesday inside Reed Arena at the weekly basketball press conference.

Video from the press conference is available through the links to the right. Audio in mp3 format and selected quotes will be available below.

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Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 – College Station, Texas
Texas A&M Basketball Weekly Press Conference
Selected Quotes


On yesterday’s practice…

"Yesterday was a long practice. We had a lot of competitive drills. We wanted to go through some toughness drills. It was very competitive. We wanted to challenge our guys. I was very pleased with our energy and effort. That's what we needed. I'm very disappointed we didn't win two games on this trip, but we know we are capable of doing some big things and we look forward to it tomorrow night.”

On the game against Houston…

"Houston is a good opponent coming in. They won 20 games last year and have the majority of their guys back. I understand one of their players is hurt. Usually, that’s not a great thing early on but other players kind of rally because they know they have a chance to play well. It’s a rivalry-type game. I expect a good game from Houston and I expect a good game from us.”

On Davonte Fitzgerald seeing more minutes…

"He played against Missouri State in the first half and picked up two quick fouls. We took him out because of the foul trouble, but after looking at the tape, I should have put him back in. He's the only one that didn't have significant minutes against Missouri State. We know he can help us. I needed to start him. His attitude was great. His head wasn’t down. Davonte will be playing a lot more from here on out. That was a dumb move by me to not play them in the second half. That won’t happen again.”

On consistent performances…

"We've got so many guys; we're searching to see who is best. The most consistent players on our team have been the three older guys. Jordan Green, Alex Caruso and Kourtney Roberson have been the most consistent guys we have, and they should be. It’s been a rollercoaster for different guys on different days. We need to develop a pecking order for the roster. That’s what we’re going through right now.”

On Alex Caruso…

"He's communicating and playing the point. He didn't play the point at all last year. It’s been an adjustment for him. He just wants to win. That’s evident with him not being concerned by which position he plays. He continues to bring the intangibles. He's been trying to score too much. He's still learning what his role is within our team. Unfortunately, in the last five minutes of the game that can’t be the case. He made some mistakes the last five minutes against SMU that he normally doesn't make. He’s doing really good things for us. He’s a sophomore learning a different position. He’s making great strides. I think you'll continue to see improvement.”

On having a presence in the paint…

"I always want more. I wouldn't say I'm satisfied. (Against SMU) Their size and length around the basket really gave us some fits. I think Kourtney (Roberson) had six points. Antwan Space had a number of shots blocked. Tavario Miller played really hard and did some good things from the field. We missed a lot of layups around the basket. We've got to continue to get better play in that area. We hope to be able to do that soon. We're playing three freshmen and a first-year sophomore to go along with Kourtney. Hopefully, that position will only get better for us as the year progresses.”



On practice after the losses…

“It's pretty intense. We’re looking to bounce back. We're trying to get better and are working on finishing. Coaches are remaining upbeat and staying motivated.”

On Davonte Fitzgerald…

“I think he came in with a lot of confidence. He’s a great player. That's what special about him, he came in with that and now he has a lot more.”



On practice after the losses…

“I was impressed by our competitiveness in practice and our intensity. Usually it takes a little while for us to get going after a two-game skid, but our competitive nature really came out. I was really happy with how hard we played.”

On the losses…

“We were ready to play in both those games, we came out strong. The maturity level and focus are something we can control and correct throughout the season.”

On Shawn Smith not starting the SMU game…

“He came into practice yesterday working just as hard as he's ever worked. It’s a deal where coach wanted to switch up the lineup. We had to play bigger guards against SMU. It was a strategy call from Coach Kennedy. He played great defense against No. 12 and got some rebounds, assists and baskets.”

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