The Aggie Cup will provide coaches and student-athletes the opportunity to promote success and unity in the five commitment areas of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program: Academics, Athletes Supporting Athletes, Community Service, Career Development, Personal Development and Team Enhancement.

Through a fun and challenging competition, the Aggie Cup encourages involvement on many levels. It allows student-athletes to earn credit for participating in opportunities in which they might already be active. The Aggie Cup competition will also reveal the coaches' commitment to helping their student-athletes grow and will build unity among teams as well as within each individual team.

The theme of the Aggie Cup competition is “In pursuit of the Aggie Cup.” Though much of this competition is centered around the concept of the game “Trivial Pursuit”, it is our hope that both the student-athletes and coaches see the quest for the Aggie Cup as anything but trivial. By participating in the competition, Texas A&M student-athletes will continue to achieve success both on and off the playing field.

Point totals will be posted on the Aggie Cup Score Board and will be updated throughout the year. At the end of the year points will be totaled and the winner of the Aggie Cup will be crowned at the annual Spring SAAC BBQ.