Each month, Texas A&M Athletics recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the department.

February's Teammate of the Month is Associate A.D. for Media Relations Alan Cannon.

In his 33rd year of service with the Texas A&M athletic department and his 24th as the school's sports information director, he is responsible for all 20 men's and women's sports while focusing on football.


Q&A with Alan Cannon


How much did it mean to you to be recognized by your co-workers as Teammate of the Month?

"I am very honored and humbled to be recognized as Teammate of the Month but it is more a reflection of our overall office staff. There are a number of offices who are just as deserving, if not more so."

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in athletics in your time at Texas A&M?

"The news cycle. When I got started you had morning newspapers and afternoon newspapers and you talked about a 24-hour news cycle. Currently the news is instantaneous."

How did you get started in media relations?

"I was in high school in Dallas and they had an intern program to earn high school credit. My choices were to follow an orthopedic surgeon around, or the marketing rep at SMU or some person called the sports information director at SMU. I did not realize the media worked through public relations professionals in order to interview coaches and athletes. My very first day on the job of filing photographers, cutting out newspaper clippings and making coffee, the Georgia State radio color man lost his voice and I subbed as the color commentator for Georgia State radio against SMU."

What’s your favorite tradition at Texas A&M and why?

"Muster—nice to think that when my time here on earth has ended, someone will answer a roll call, 'Here'."

It’s said that Texas A&M is family, is that something you see in the Athletic Department every day?

"The athletics department is very much a family atmosphere. I believe the people that work here truly care for one another and want what is best for the overall department."

Getting to follow the Heisman Trophy race and victory from as close as you can get, what did that mean to you not only as an SID but as an Aggie?

"It was very rewarding to see an Aggie win the Heisman. In my 30 years here, we have had some great players and some great teams, but for everything to come together in our first year in the SEC was remarkable. The team kept Texas A&M in the national conversation, Johnny Manziel was consistent and then at the precise moment against the defending national champions, he made his Heisman statement. "

What is your most vivid memory of the Aggie football team’s 2012 season?

"My most vivid memory is probably the night before the Alabama game at the team hotel. Dealing with CBS and a few national media in handling some last minute interviews and preparation for the game, I sensed a quiet confidence from Coach Sumlin, his staff and the players."