February 18th, 2013 - 7:00PM
Kentucky Vs Texas A&M

Sponsored by the College Station Medical Center and KAGS
Buy a Pink Tshirt for 10 dollars


Registration Info

  • Tournament date: February 17th
    • Time: 10:00 am
    • Location: Cox McFerrin Center Practice Courts
  • $30.00 dollar buy in per team:
    • Includes T-shirt (3), tournament participation, food, donation to Breast Cancer Foundation. Teams may have up to five (5) Team members, however if the team is beyond 3 members, then their will simply be a charge of $10.00 per additional player.
  • Teams can register before the Tournament online by clicking here beginning on Monday January 21st. Pre-Tournament registration will end February 16th, the day before the tournament.
  • Teams may register at the Cox McFerrin center on tournament day two hours before the tournament begins (7:00 am – 9:00am).
  • All participants must sign a waiver before playing their first game. The waivers will be provided to the participants at the tournament, by the Texas A&M Women’s Basketball Marketing Coordinators.
  • Winning Teams receive (TBD)
    • 2 Winning Teams, one from the men’s tournament and one from the women’s tournament


  • Separate Boys and Girls Tournament
  • SUBSTITUTIONS: A substitution can be made on any dead ball, but not after any made baskets.
  • FORFEIGHTS: A team who has not filled out the scorecard and is not on the court ready to play at game
    • time will be penalized one point per minute until the team is ready to play. After 6 minutes a forfeit will be declared.
  • JEWELERY: Participants are not permitted to wear any visible jewelry. If participants choose to wear jewelry, it must be completely covered BEFORE arriving at the game site, with a band-aid or athletic tape. Texas A&M Athletics WILL NOT provide band-aids or athletic tape to cover jewelry items. If covered, jewelry must remain flush with the skin and not be protruding out; this is for the protection of all participants.


Game Format & Time-Outs

  • GAME: Games will be the first team to 21 points, and leading by 2 or more. Games will have a 25- point cap. There will be a Twenty (20) minute running clock. The team leading when the time expires will be the winner. If there is a tie at the end of the game time, game will go to free throws. (Each player gets one shot, team with most makes is declared winner.)
  • TIME-OUTS: Each team is allowed 1 thirty (30) second time-out. Time-outs will only stop play, and not the running clock.


    • A jump ball at the beginning of the game will determine opening posession
    • After each made basket, the ball will go to the other team at mid-court.
    • The ball must be “cleared” – Both feet and the ball must be taken behind the three-point line after all made baskets and on any change of possessions.
    • The ball must be checked by the opposing team at mid-court before play may begin. Team possession will begin by passing the ball in – NOT dribbling/shooting.
    • Each basket will count one point, with shots behind the “three-point line” counting as two points.


  • OUT OF BOUNDS: The front and all four sides of the backboard are in-bounds, and the back of the backboard is out-of-bounds. The sidelines, baseline, and mid-court line are out of bounds.
    • There will be one referee per game and he/she is responsible for calling fouls.
    • In the case of a dispute, the head ref with the consent of a Women’s Basketball Marketing team will make the final decision
    • Players can foul out with three (3) personal fouls
    • It is recommended to have an additional team member for this reason, however if your team consists of only 3 players, then you will finish the game one teammate down
  • After any foul, the ball will go to the offended team at the top of the key behind the three-point line.
  • If a player is fouled in the act of shooting:
    • Successful: Basket is good and one additional point awarded, and give the fouling team the ball at the mid-court line.
    • Unsuccessful try: Ball given to offended team at top of the three-point line.
  • All jump balls go to the defense.
  • STALLING: Failure to attempt a shot in 30-seconds is stalling. Upon notification by a Referee this will result in a loss of possession

Game Layout

  • Double elimination
  • Bracket will be revealed Tournament Day
  • 3 minutes in between games
  • 2 Courts, 4 Games to be played at a time
  • Volunteer Refs including WBB Staff