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Blair Weekly Press Conference

January 21, 2013
Courtesy: Texas A&M Athletics
(photo: Texas A&M Athletics)

Texas A&M Women's Basketball

Weekly Press Conference

Jan. 21, 2013 ● Reed Arena

Selected Quotes


Texas A&M Women's Basketball Head Coach Gary Blair

Opening statement:

"We played very well. The last ten minutes of the first half were about Bone.  We executed our offense to perfection. I think we hit eight out of ten shots and none of them were post hits. The only one we got in the paint was Pratcher's runner. Our game is outside and inside. We've got some kids that can shoot the ball. If I'm not mistaken, we are second in the league in three-point percentage. We were five out of nine in the first half. We just don't shoot them if we don't need them. Our bench played well. We had nine people play and every single one of them did something well in that ballgame. It was just a good team effort when they go to shut something down. The question is did they shut Bone down or did Bone shut herself down? There were a couple of mystery calls but she's got to learn that on that offensive foul people are going to plop on her and she has to get smarter. However, I was more concerned about the six turnovers than the fouls she got. That was one of the best road wins I've had in a long time. The kids were really up for the game. We played well. We took it right to them. I think we've opened up five straight games shooting over 50 percent in the first half."

On win against Georgia:

"I think it felt great because Georgia is one of the top ten programs in the country in terms of women's basketball. We played almost as well in the first half as what we did when we won the National Championship. In the National Championship game we played two great halves but the second half here we were just spotty. We got out-rebounded. We ran a couple of good transitions. Walker got a couple of good shots. Bone hit a few shots. Other than that, we just hung on trying to slow down the game and trying to get out of dodge with a "W." That's why I was holding back trying to run seconds off of the clock."

On playing against former assistant Vic Schaefer:

"Vic is going to know every call that I make. The difference is that they knew every call Vince Lombardi was going to make and they still couldn't stop it. It's all about execution and hitting your second or third option off of it. Aqua, being a former point guard, is going to know everything that we are going to do. We'll have a few things that he hasn't seen before but I'm sure he'll have some things we haven't seen before either. He's not running my offense. He is running Vic's offense. We are going to have to prepare for Mississippi State like we've never seen this offense before."

On growth of team:

"I was going to look like a fool if we had not started getting some top-25 wins after that opening schedule like we had. Nobody opens a schedule like that. We felt like we were one to two years removed from defending the national title. We felt like to get these quality games and get home-and-homes, we needed to play them. After it was all over, we felt that we should have won against Penn State and Louisville but we didn't because we were not mature enough to handle in-the-game situations at the time. We just got embarrassed with Connecticut. That happens when you play Final Four teams. We're growing. We're learning. We are getting better. This has been a fun team to coach because you never know what is going to happen. We just did a great job executing in practice. I believe in all of my kids. The hardest thing about coaching is being able to get all of your kids in the game and it's never going to happen, particularly in the SEC or the Big 12. When they play that hard in practice it really makes you feel good that those are the players playing 10-14 that we getting the job done for us."

On Kelsey Bone:

"Bone's got to be smarter. What happened was that Bone looked like last year's Bone. Bone is smarter and she knows it. How many times are you going to have a kid going into foul trouble? But did you see the TV cameras on her? She was one of the first that was up there cheering. That shows a lot of a kid to realize that she was there to encourage the others instead of sulking about the fouls or not getting to play those minutes. She's grown up. She's matured. But she was 10 and 8 with just a few touches. Just think about what she could have done. She's getting better and better and people across the country are starting to really notice. I think she's having a great year but she's carrying her teammates around. She's making the extra passes and encouraging. By far, she is the best leader on this team."

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