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Teammate of the Month: David Roubion

November 07, 2012
Courtesy: Texas A&M Athletics
(photo: Texas A&M Athletics)

Each month, Texas A&M Athletics recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the department.

October's Teammate of the Month is Athletic Financial Manager David Roubion.

Originally from Beaumont, David graduated from Texas A&M in 1987 and has been with the Athletic Department since 1996. As Athletic Financial Manager, he helps oversee the business operations of the entire department and its 20 varsity sports. He and his wife, Tracy (A&M Class of '86) are the proud parents of three children: daughters Aimee (A&M Class of '16) and Courtney (A&M Class of '19), and son Wilson (A&M Class of '22).

"David is very highly thought of by his co-workers and very deserving of this award," Athletics Director Eric Hyman said. "Some of the comments we received from fellow staff members included 'his can-do attitude is amazing', 'he excels at providing positive feedback', 'he has always bent over backwards to help all of the staff', and 'he always has a positive attitude and smile'. "


Q&A with David Roubion


Were you surprised when you heard your name called as the Teammate of the Month?

"I was. When Eric started showing the pictures I knew before he called my name, but I was surprised when he first started describing the situations and pictures. I was definitely surprised."

As Athletic Financial Manager you really do touch all sports and all personnel. How much did it mean to you to be recognized by your co-workers in this way?

"It meant a lot. We're not always out there doing our jobs looking for recognition. You just do the best you can at your job and when it comes around and it happens, it is appreciated. You realize that you are making a difference and it feels good."

Are there any favorite games, or moments, through your time here that stand out to you? Maybe a game experienced or a specific team's accomplishment?

"For a team success, one of the biggest games was the Kansas State (football) game when we won the Big 12 (in 1998). I think that is one of the highlights of most any Aggie fan's highlight reel. All the sports have had their successes that stand out. For football, that was a big one.  For women's basketball, it was the National Championship. For men's basketball, it was the rise when Coach Gillispie arrived. In all of the sports there have been moments where there have been highlights, there are just too many to mention them all."

As a long-time employee of the department how much have you enjoyed all the success the teams have seen on the field?

"I've loved it because you feel like you are a part of it. You are not directly related to the success of the sport, but you can see that you and other departments are behind-the-scenes, hopefully helping out.  It's a family here and you feel part of the success overall."

What do you think makes this Athletic Department such a great place to work?

"Everybody's here for the right reason. They are here in their respective areas to do the best they can. You're not here unless you want to be and everybody's out there trying to not only be a success in their own right, but also for everybody else. One sport will support the other sports. One department will support the other departments. Nobody is segmented. Everybody feels like they are part of the department as a whole and not just their own area. Everybody is involved in the success of others."




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