CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - Niall Angus posted a win at No. 6 singles for Texas A&M but that was all the Aggies could muster against Texas in the consolation bracket at the ITA National Team Indoor Championships being hosted by the University of Virginia as A&M dropped a 4-1 decision to Texas on Saturday.

"We have to come out with our "A" game when we play these elite teams such as the National Indoors," Aggie head coach Steve Denton said. "There is a fine line between winning and losing in these matches and we just came up a bit short today. I thought we came out flat in doubles and we were not able to recover. Niall Angus played inspired tennis and Jeremey (Efferding) and Colin (Hoover) were close to winning their respective matches when the match was called. No excuses. I give Texas credit, they seemed to want it more today."

The Aggies had beaten Texas indoors for the Texas Cup in Houston a little over one week ago, 4-3.

"I really like our team," Denton explained. "They are a resilient bunch and love to work hard. We just have to work on our details to be successful. I look for our squad to bounce back tomorrow and it is another chance for us to improve."

The Aggies will face Baylor at 8 a.m. central (9 a.m. eastern) in the third match of the championships on Sunday.

No. 14 Texas 4, No. 11 Texas A&M 1

Doubles - Order of Finish: 3, 2
1. Hess-Olesen/Hilliard (UT) vs. No. 55 Ore/Withrow (A&M) - 5-5, susp.
2. Camillone/Holiner (UT) def. No. 36 Hoover/Lewis (A&M) - 8-4
3. Sitaram/Whitehead (UT) def. Angus/Klegou (A&M) - 8-0

Singles - Order of Finish: 3, 5, 6, 1
1. No. 93 Soren Hess-Olesen (UT) def. No. 15 Alexis Klegou (A&M) - 6-3, 6-3
2. No. 69 Daniel Whitehead (UT) vs. Colin Hoover (A&M) - 6-7, 3-4, susp.
3. Sudanwa Sitaram (UT) def. Junior Ore (A&M) - 6-4, 7-6
4. Lloyd Glasspool (UT) vs. Jeremy Efferding (A&M) - 6-7, 3-4, susp.
5. David Holiner (UT) def. Jackson Withrow (A&M) - 6-2, 6-2
6. Niall Angus (A&M) def. Joey Swaysland (UT) - 6-4, 6-4