University Golf Course

The Texas A&M University Golf Course, located on the southeast corner of campus, is used by the Aggie cross country teams for home meets.

A description of the race courses:

The Course (Women's 5,000 meters) - The 300-foot starting area narrows to 15 feet at the 400-meter mark. The first 800 meters is primarily downhill and has a right-hand turn at 400-meter mark. The next 400 meters is a slight incline followed by 400 meters slightly downhill to the 1-mile mark. The next 1,200 meters are primarily flat followed by a 400-meter incline to the 2-mile mark. The following 800 meters is flat to slightly downhill and features several winding turns. The next 400 meters is flat to the base of the final straightaway. The grueling final 500 meters is a gradual incline to the finish line.

(Men's 8,000 meters) - The men's second lap cut-in is just past the 3-mile and the course swings back to the starting line. The final cut-in is just before the 2-mile mark.