The Hullabaloo Band is an Athletic Department sponsored student organization, consisting of 100 student musicians that for nearly a decade now has been supporting Texas A&M Volleyball, and Men's and Women's Basketball. The band was founded in June of 2004 when then Athletic Director Bill Byrne and Associate Athletic Director Mike Caruso named Mr. Christopher Hollar the first appointed Director of the band. The Hullabaloo was created to fill the need and responsibility of a permanent volleyball and basketball pep band for the university athletic department. The band premiered in its first Aggie volleyball game on Saturday, September 4, 2004.

Performance History

  • Hullabaloo has had 483 performances averaging nearly 60 games each academic year.
  • Hullabaloo has performed in 17 NCAA tournaments in Volleyball and Basketball.
  • Hullabaloo has performed at 5 NCAA Regional, sweet 16 tournament Basketball games.
  • Hullabaloo has performed at 2 NCAA Regional elite eight tournament Basketball games.
  • Hullabaloo has performed at 1 NCAA Women's Final Four in Basketball, including a National Championship Game appearance with the Aggie Women winning the championship title.
  • Hullabaloo has traveled extensively to major U.S. cities, including: Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Seattle, South Padre Island, Trenton, Knoxville, Jacksonville, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Shreveport, Lexington, Baton Rouge, San Antonio, South Bend, Spokane and Raleigh.


The instrumentation of the band consists of approximately 100 members with specific wind and percussion numbers to support two individual 50-piece ensembles named the Maroon Band and White Band. The instrumentation is further divided into smaller Tournament Band instrumentation.

  • 10 Alto Saxophones
  • 8 Tenor Saxophones
  • 12 Mellophones (in F)
  • 24 Trumpets
  • 16 Trombones
  • 12 Baritones
  • 12 Sousaphones
  • 6 Percussion
    (100 Members)

Maroon Band

Placement is assigned from returning upperclassmen members. Maroon Band members must have played at least one season in the White Band and exhibit strong playing ability, good game attendance, participation and travel record. Returning Maroon Band membership is guaranteed as long as those members continue to fulfill these requirements.

White Band

Placement is assigned from returning sophomore and new freshman members. Returning sophomore membership will be based on a review of the student's first year performance, attendance and travel record. Freshman members must pass an initial interview and audition with the director.

New Member Auditions

To become a member of the Hullabaloo each student must attend an initial interview and perform a successful audition for the director. Incoming freshmen should contact the director in early summer to schedule and prepare an audition while they are on campus for their New Student Conference.

If you are planning to audition and play in a University Concert or Jazz Band, that audition may count for Hullabaloo membership, just follow the audition guidelines for those ensembles and schedule your audition with the appropriate director.

Hullabaloo Band auditions for Trumpets, Trombones and Saxophones, concert French Horns, Euphoniums and Tubas consist of 4 major scales and a short etude or solo piece of your choice. Marching Mellophone, Baritone or Sousaphone audition includes 4 major scales and two brief sight reading pieces.

Hullabaloo Wind Audition Requirements

Saxophone, Trumpets and Trombones and concert instruments French Horn, Euphonium and Tuba

  • Scales: Concert Bb, F, Eb and Ab major
  • Solo Etude: A prepared etude of your choice, medium tempo or faster that best demonstrates your ability of technique and musical style on the instrument. Most students use their all region/area concert or jazz etudes from high school

Marching Mellophones, Baritones, Sousaphones

  • Scales: Concert Bb, F, Eb, Ab
  • Sight Reading: 2 pieces, one easy, one a bit more challenging, assigned by director

Hullabaloo Percussion Audition Requirements

  • Drum Set: Student must demonstrate proficiency on drum set. High school jazz band and/or private lesson drum set experience is necessary. Students must be prepared to play strong time and fills in several given rock and funk musical settings asked for by the director and be able to read and follow musical charts similar to reading jazz ensemble charts.

Tournament Bands

The instrumentation is divided into 25 member Tournament Bands. Members are expected to travel once every year to post season conference or NCAA tournaments. There is no cost for traveling. The department provides transportation, housing and meals. Authorized university class excuses are provided for members of the tournament bands as needed for any necessary missed academic class days of university team travel, but members are expected to always be in good academic standing and be responsible for any missed work.

Holiday Band

All members who live locally or within a reasonable distance to campus are asked to participate in the Hullabaloo Holiday Band. This band is responsible for all games played outside of the academic calendar during the December / January Holiday Break. This 30-piece ensemble has a similar, small Tournament Band instrumentation and awards members per game compensation for travel and participation.

Membership Requirements

Good membership is based on several key factors which include:

Playing Ability
Strong musical ability, command of the instrument and ability to play the book

Members are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals and games with their band for each team. Members are expected to be punctual and in uniform for the scheduled report time. Members are expected to communicate any issues of attendance with the director.

Members are expected to present, perform and conduct themselves in the best manner befitting the responsibility of performing and representing Texas A&M University.


The Hullabaloo uniform consists of an official Hullabaloo member's Adidas polo, Hullabaloo Adidas Jacket when needed, blue jeans for volleyball and black cotton pants with comfortable and appropriate shoes for basketball.

Sports Pass

Each member of the Hullabaloo Band with confirmed placement by mid-August every year is awarded a complimentary All Sports Pass for participation in the band.


Mr. Christopher Hollar is the Director of Jazz Ensembles and Athletic Pep Bands at Texas A&M University. Mr. Hollar is an accomplished jazz and studio drummer from Knoxville / East Tennessee area and holds B.M. and M.M. Degrees in Percussion and Jazz Performance Studies from the University of Tennessee.

Mr. Chris Hollar
Director of Jazz and Athletic Pep Bands
Texas A&M University Reed Arena 326M/ P.O. Box 30017
College Station, Texas 77842-3017