Athletic Career Services

For the Texas A&M University Athletic Department, Building Champions and helping student-athletes become champions in their sport, in school and ultimately in life is more than a mission – it’s a way of life. In step with this effort, Athletic Career Services in partnership with Texas A&M Career Center, assists student-athletes in achieving their professional goals by providing a variety of services including career counseling, resume writing guidance, career fairs and professional development workshops

Student-athletes are encouraged to follow our Four Year Plan, to prepare them personally and professionally for life after sports.


  • Participate in Choosing a Major Workshop Series
  • Attend Major Decisions Symposium
  • Take career interest tests, SIGI and DISCOVER, to learn about careers that match your skills, interests, and values.
  • Obtain relevant work experiences through externships, volunteer opportunities, part time jobs, and summer jobs.
  • Identify and join student organizations or participate in volunteer activities that will provide teamwork and leadership experience, and also enable you to explore interests and build your skills.


  • Declare a major during the first semester.
  • Make contact with and begin to develop relationships with faculty and professionals in your field of study.
  • Update your resume – attend critiquing sessions offered by the Career Center.
  • Continue to engage in the following career development activities:
  • Attend career development workshops to learn more about resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and internships. 
  • Attend Career Fairs 
  • Identify and join student organizations and participate in volunteer activities.


  • Register for elective courses that will broaden your academic foundation and expand your employment opportunities.
  • Join student chapters of professional organizations in your major or career interest.
  • Obtain relevant work experience through  internships, part-time jobs, or summer jobs.
  • Become involved in the organizations to which you belong by serving on committees or holding leadership positions.
  • Register with Career Center's On-line Service
  • Participate in On-Campus Career Fairs
  • Continue to engage in career development activities started in 2nd year









Athletic Career Services brings students and employers together for full-time or part-time employment, internships prior to graduation, permanent positions upon graduation, and mentoring relationships. To find out how to become a member of OUR TEAM call (979) 845-5127 or (979)862-1247.


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