Research has shown a direct correlation between a student's classroom attendance and academic success. For student-athletes, class attendance is even more critical because of days that might be missed due to athletic competition. It is the expectation all Texas A&M student-athletes attend all classes, exhibit appropriate behavior, and complete all assignments on time. All student-athletes will be subject to the Student-Athlete Class Attendance Policy, with a primary focus on all first-year enrollees and returning student-athletes below a 2.5 GPA. It is each student-athlete's responsibility to attend class every day and be on time.

Class attendance monitoring will be overseen by the Center for Student-Athlete Success (CSAS) staff. Monitoring will include, but will not be limited to: live class checks, personal correspondence with professors by advisors, and academic progress reports.

A CSAS staff member will notify a student-athlete of a reported class attendance issue. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to be aware of possible sanctions for lack of attendance.