Study Hall

Study hall is an integral component of the Center for Student-Athlete Services. Each incoming student-athlete is assigned to a Learning Assistant who assists him or her in their courses. Learning Assistants help students with time management, organizational skills, and the development of study strategies. They keep a calendar for each of their students that includes upcoming due dates, reading assignments, and any other important information that pertains to their courses.

Study hall is objective-based, meaning that students are required to be in attendance and remain in the facility until all tasks are completed for the day. Learning Assistants work together with Scholastic Supervisors to ensure that all objectives are complete prior to the student being dismissed. Study hall provides the opportunity for individual and group study along with assistance from tutors and scholastic supervisors. Because of the demands placed upon student-athletes at this level, having weekly hours scheduled helps students stay on top of all of their coursework and complete assignments in a timely fashion.